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When will the shop be restocked?


Unfortunately I can’t guarantee an item will be restocked or when it will be available in my store. I’m a one person team and try to update my store as often as possible. 


Do you do commissions?

Yes! You can request a commission on my Etsy page. Please do not request commissions through my contact form


Where do you print your products?


I print my stickers at Sticker Mule and Sticker Ap. I print my prints and paper goods at Mpix and Moo. 


What are your fav art supplies?


Paper - I love Canson Mixed Media Paper

Markers - Prisma Markers and Artist Loft

Gouache - Winsor and Newton

Pencils - Mechanical! I love a 5pt bic :)


What do you use for digital art?


I have an iPad and Apple Pencil for my digital art. I also use Photoshop and Illustrator to make my designs.

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